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  • Kluck It Chicken Burger No. of People

    Crispy Chicken Burger with kluck It sauce, Dill mato, Colleslaw, Pickles, Cheese

  • Kluck It Chicken Tacos No. of People

    2 Tacos with coleslaw, Pickles, Kluck It Sauce, Sweet Chili Tai and shredded Cheese

  • Kluck It Krazy Fry No. of People

    Krazy fry bowl with sauced chicken, coleslaw, kluck It sauce and dill mayo

  • Kluck It Chicken Tenders No. of People

    3 crispy chicken tender with your choice of Dip

  • Kluck It Buffalo Burger No. of People

    Buffalo Chicken Burger with Mayo, Lettuce, Pickles

  • Kluck It Chicken Wrap No. of People

    Crispy chicken wrap with coleslaw, Kluck It Sauce, Sweet chili Tai, Pickles

  • Double Smash Burger No. of People

    Double Smash Burger with Got Beef Sauce, Lettuce, Pickles and Grilled Onions

  • Philly Steak Burger No. of People

    Philly Steak Burger with Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms, Mozzarella Cheese and Got Beef Sauce

  • Philly Steak On a Bun No. of People

    Philly Steak sandwhich with Grilled Onions, Grilled Green Peppers, Grilled Mushrooms, Got Beef Sauce, Provolone and Mozzarella Cheese

  • Smash Fries No. of People

    Chopped up smash burger with cheese, Grilled Onions, Got Beef Suace and Chipotle Topped on a Bed of Fries

All catering orders must be placed 2 hours prior to being picked up please send form to kluckitinc@gmail.com. Delivery may be avilable upon request. please place orders that exceed 20 individual combos a day in advance or Call Us at 5199335902 to confirm. Orders exceeding 15 combos enjoy a 10 percent Discount!

All Combos Come with Your
Choice of Side and a Drink

Tender Dips

Please select 1 option

  • Kluck It Sauce
  • Buffalo
  • Dill Mayo
  • Jalepeno Aioli
  • Honey Garlic
  • Plum
  • Ranch
  • BBQ
  • Sweet Thai

Choose Your Side

  • Seasoned Fries No. of People
  • Coleslaw No. of People
  • Onion Rings No. of People
  • Seasoned Wedges No. of People


--- Sides Do Not Apply to Krazy Fry Selection ---

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